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titel : FEED (2015)
Western Front, Vancouver B.C, Canada
Festival: Voice over Mind 2015
Performance 30 min. for Singer/performer, Puppeteer, words , music and soundimprovisations & videoprojektions.
concept, direction and video
Petra van der Schoot
Camille Hesketh
Puppeter (Headmover) Guzman Ramos

Like an exploratory one person dialogue, Feed is an interplay in sound and image based on fragments of real interviews. In a game of deconstructed personal relationships with privacy, it experiments with the perceptions of these relationships through a mouth and a voice.

With words from Camille Hesketh, Edward Snowden, Sylvia Plath, Margret Thatcher, Prinses Diana, Kim Kardesian, Joan Crawford, e.a.

foto 2010



close-up videostill's 2015    
Overall audience view: performers (singer, poppeteer, videocontroler) and wall projektion: